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Well, damn!





a genderqueer superhero who wears a binder and hides their face so everyone assumes they’re male but then they have c cups and never bind as a civilian so their secret identity is safe

I forgot about chest binders for a moment and thought they strapped a two inch binder to their face.

that is exactly what they do

close enough

Bridget just blew my mind. I totally forgot about that show!


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Cutie Sabina has a cool tumblr to check out: onryderpond

Get her whole MIMP set: http://mimp.findrow.com

I like this lady’s taste. She’s got two Draplin prints, and the same Numark USB turntable I have.


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I adore this photoset. I’m lookin’ at paintings in a gallery here.

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Today on NIMONA
Read from the beginning
7 pages left. 

I gotta get back into reading Nimona. I got sidetracked with…life. And now it’s about to end! Nimona, I mean.


Today on NIMONA

Read from the beginning

7 pages left. 

I gotta get back into reading Nimona. I got sidetracked with…life. And now it’s about to end! Nimona, I mean.


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I am very proud to present A is for Zebra, a real-life, honest-to-goodness Crap Hound-like alphabet book that I have designed with my very own, real-life hands.

Most of the book’s oversized pages feature a brightly colored letter surrounded by black-and-white images whose common names begin with that letter. This provides a wonderful test of the reader’s recognition and recall, as well as simply being a pleasure to look at.

Unlike cheaper, less reputable alphabet books, all of the nearly 27 letters in A is for Zebra are in their CORRECT order. What’s more, I have worked tirelessly to ensure there is only a single main letter per page, avoiding the countless haphazard letter combinations found in many novels and magazines. My promise to you: If you find even a single letter out of order, I will refund the FULL purchase price.

Later in the book, you will discover I have included a delightful bonus—a comprehensive guide to the images of the previous letters. This is an incredible help for slow-witted or younger readers.

One final note… while it’s true certain LiartownUSA posts have fudged the truth a bit, this is a genuine announcement about a real thing in the real world. Although I have tried to deceive you in the past, that was for your own good, because you were gullible. Think of this post as a trust exercise. Don’t be afraid to slump backwards into my strong, waiting arms. I love you so much right now.

This full-color, 11”x15”, 36-page book is now posted for pre-orders on Kickstarter, if you’d like to get a better look. There are more GIFs and a short, inspirational video that reiterates much of what I’ve said here, with additional explosions and dramatic music. 

Something real and righteous from the purveyor of amazing fakeness! Get on it!


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"All I did — what I did was — was release the videotape to you, because I had to," Jackson told reporters on Aug. 15 when asked why he released the robbery footage. "I’d been sitting on it, but I — too many people put in a [Freedom of Information Act] request for that thing, and I had to release that tape to you."

Writing for The Blot, Matthew Keys reports that the police department did not receive any specific requests for the videotape.

"A review of open records requests sent to the Ferguson Police Department found that no news organization, reporter or individual specifically sought the release of the surveillance tape before police distributed it on Aug. 15," Keys writes.

Journalist Andrew Perez also said that he has tried to get the documents to show who sent FOIA requests for the recording.

"I requested all requests for the videotape too, and they produced a ton of docs but no requests for the tape," Perez tweeted.

Perez also tweeted that, when asked, Ferguson Police spokesperson Tim Zoll couldn’t think of any specific requests for the tape.

Your daily reminder the Ferguson Police Department participated in a large-scale conspiracy to slander and demonize Michael Brown, while protecting his murderer, fellow officer Darren Wilson. How and why anyone could still be defending these armed thugs is beyond me. #staywoke #farfromover 

No surprise here.

Please don’t forget this. Don’t forget any of this.


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Q: hi, i am a big fan of your art!!! and i understand you are a student at SVA.. can you tell me how the school is, and if you like it? i am applying to SVA for Illustration. it is my one of my top choices for college along with California College of the Arts. though i have not even submitted my applications yet, i'm swaying more towards CCA because New York intimidates me... it would be great if you could give me some advice..


Hello, thank you for your kind words!

I only stayed in Illustration department for the foundation year and switched to Fine Arts, so I might not be the best one to answer your question. But if you question is about living in New York as an art student in general, I could tell you some little things.

What I can say about New York is that it’s really really really dirty, and crowded, and harsh, and extremely expensive, and just shitty in general. Huge part of it depends on where you come from. I’ve seen many people from midwest who just gave up and went back. I grew up in Seoul and partly in Manila. Seoul isn’t as dirty and shitty as New York but yeah it’s a city. In Manila I almost got kidnapped a few times, so I’m kinda used to the kind of dangers you might face in city area. I’m more scared of running into raccoons in the forest than sitting by an evidently crazy guy in subway.

The only lovable part of New York is that you’re close to EVERYTHING. I’ve watched my first Baratanatyam(Indian traditional dance) performance here. I used to live 5 blocks away from the Metropolitan Museum of Art when I was NOT majoring in art, and not to degrade any teacher from my school, but that museum taught me more than any single teacher ever could: from history of Western decorative art to Mughal miniature paintings; from European academic anatomy to Eastern stylization of space. If you live in New York and you’re dedicated enough, you don’t even have to go to any school. Walk to libraries, save money to watch plays, go to museums, work hard, and that’s pretty much what teachers make you do in their classes. There are too many galleries and museums and just things to do offered right at your door, mostly for FREE. That’s one lovable part of being in the city, but it’s a huge one.

SVA is alright. It’s like any other art school. Some shitty teachers and a lot of great teachers. Some compromises you have to make and a lot of great opportunities. A lot of shitty kids who came to school to dye their hair pink, fuck, and eat dumplings, and a few great kids who work very hard. We don’t really have campus life here but if you’re an anti social nerd like me, you will do just fine. Who cares about making friends in art school anyway? Only losers do so they can fuck and have buddies to eat tacos and feel less bad about themselves slowly drowning into failure. If you do your job and you’re a generally nice person the right people will come to you.

If you have a strong belief that you CAN do it, do it. New York is a great city, because it’s full of idiots like any other place but offers you enough distraction. Know what the place can offer regarding what you love to do and abuse the shit out of it. Have fun. Everything else is bullshit. 

Real art school talk from yudori.


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Inspirations - Domu, A Child’s Dream (Katshuhiro Otomo)

I know, I know, another Otomo appreciation day. Well, it’s no secret he’s had a great influence on me.

Domu came out before Akira and it mostly gained popularity in Japan. It’s a shame it didn’t get the attention it deserves in North America. It’s one of the first manga I ever purchased with my own money and it still holds a special place on my bookshelf.

Domu centers on the conflict between two residents of a giant residential complex: Etsuko, a little girl who just moved in, an outcast who believes she’s the only one who has “mental powers”, and Old Cho, a lonely old man who’s at the center of a series of “suicides” in the complex. The story also focuses on the police investigation that follows the ongoing series of “incidents”.

I’ll say it here, Domu should be adapted into a live-action HBO-style mini-series. Far more grounded in reality than anything else Otomo produced afterwards, the story itself could be a fantastic exploration of loneliness in an overpopulated world. The graphic novel would lend itself really well to a live-action treatment because it’s treated as such. The cinematic shots and ambiance are just too good to pass on. A real prequel to the world and ideas explored further on in AKIRA, Domu is what Hollywood should be focusing on right on.

Do yourself a favor and buy this graphic novel. It’s not about style or flashy stuff. This is all story. The good stuff that stays with you.


I regret discovering this several years after it was out of print. Any panels I’ve seen have given me the chills.


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The conflicting feels you get when you see fresh & tasteful leaked “nudes” of Jill Scott and her body is yummy (as usual) however you’re gunna be a PC fem and not repost it. The beautiful skruggle.

I’m feelin’ that right now, as this is the first I’ve heard of those shots!
I love Jill Scott, but I also love nude photos shared with consent. So yeah, I feel you.
Man, “The Fappening” is just gross. My man Mike Issac wrote about it, if you’re unaware.


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REBLOG for a chance to WIN! Time for another competition AND it’s time for a sale! Use the code: SEPTSALE at checkout when purchasing the Real Watercolors, Screentones, or Megapack from my Photoshop brush shop. 

THREE random Tumblr users who reblog this post will WIN ALL THREE of these amazing Photoshop brush sets. These are the same brushes used by artists at Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, Google, Marvel, and Rockstar Games. They were recently featured on WIRED.com and were also written about in Communication Arts, and they have become the industry standard for pros who draw and paint in Photoshop!

So, again - all three sets are on sale through Thursday, September 4th at KYLEBRUSH.com. Simply enter this code at checkout: SEPTSALE

And, please reblog this post for a chance to win all three sets for free. Winners will be announced Friday, September 5th.

I want these like you wouldn’t believe. Wish me luck!


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